The "Bridgewater" is a modestly sized, yet spacious, Greek Revival style home, with paneled wainscoting, a limestone fireplace, big patio doors, a comfortable realistic layout and quaint copper detailing on the exterior.

By default, the house is a 2 Bed, 1 Bath, however, the bathroom can be turned into an extra room by switching the floor from tile, to hardwood, matching the rest of the house.As usual, the house comes with an Interior Details HUD, featuring 5 floor and handrail colors.The walls have been left white for your tinting pleasure, so don't be afraid to play with color! 

The "Bridgewater" Garage & Guest House is an Onsu first - a Matching garage for the Bridgewater, with extra living space upstairs.You can use the "Bridgewater" Garage & Guest House to provide an extra bedroom, if you need more than 2 bedrooms but aren't willing to give up the bathroom for it!

The living space is accessible through a separate entryway in the back, or in the front, depending on which way you rotate the structure. The "Bridgewater" Garage & Guest House could also perfectly function as a small, standalone dwelling.

The "Bridgewater" Garage & Guest House comes with an Interior Details HUD, featuring 5 Floor & Handrail Colors. Full and half texture resolution versions are included with the 2 Structures, with the latter being designed to prevent lag and/or texture thrashing on lower spec systems. 

The House & Garage + Guest House is available in 3 matching color options.