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TYLARS’S TREASURES has come to the May round of SWANK with the Woodland Glory Set. This rustic, yet fully functional set will accent your backyard, along with your bedroom. Whether you are sitting outside on the table and chairs, amongst the gazebo, or listening to the trickling of the water as it cascades down the cascading pond. These wooden creations will bring to life your backyard surroundings.


This set contains the Woodland Glory Bed Bento at 9 Land Impact, in Adult or PG. This bed allows for multiple animations with 4 male and female sits, 2 slow dances, 6 Bento couple cuddles & sequences and 9 Bento multi-speed adult (on adult bench only) + sequences. That is not all it does, it also has a 5-color Texture changer for the bedding, along with the ability to change the colors of the morning glories that are wrapped around the bedposts. The Woodland Glary Dresser at 8 Land Impact and Woodland Glory Night stand at 4 Land Impact give you the ability to color the wood in 5 textures along with changing the colors of the morning glory flowers.


Next, the gazebo at 13 Land Impact has 5 color textures to customize your morning glories that surround the opening of the gazebo. The table and chairs at 7 Land Impact has 8 male and female sit poses in the chairs, and yes, the candles with morning glories are included. To accent the entrance in your garden is the Woodland Glory Arch at 2 Land Impact with 5-color texture menu, which you could connect to the Woodland Glory Fence with a 5-color texture menu for the beautiful morning glory flowers.


Also included is the Woodland Glory Bench Bento Cuddles bench at 5 Land Impact, in Adult or PG.  Once you sit upon this bench you will have the options of 2 animated slow dances, 6 Bento couple cuddles + sequence, 9 Bento multi-speed adult (on adult bench only) + sequence, with the ability to change the texture of the morning glories to 5 different colors. Then comes the Woodland Glory Cascading Pond at 11 Land Impact, with 6 male and female single sits + sequence, along with 2 slow dances, 6 Bento cuddles + sequence, 8 Bento multi-speed adult (in adult version only) + sequence, and a 5 color texture menu to customize the morning glories that cascade down the waterfalls.

All items permissions are copy & mod!

SWANK is open from May 7th to May 30th!