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LORE will release the Big Boss Desk & Accessories at the May round of THE FANTASY COLLECTIVE, starts today at Noon!

Designer, Lala, says this is a big ol' desk for the biggest bosses!  

The Big Boss Desk is LI 2 and the chair is LI 2. Chair has 12 solo, 12 couples, 12 slave/sub poses, and 14 Adult animations. The pack also includes a “PG” version of the chair with just the 12 solo/couples animations in it for general or moderate sims.

The desk and chair can be changed to black/gold, black/silver, white/gold, and white/silver on a texture Menu. The chair cushion has 6 colour option - so lots of variety here.
Permissions are Copy/Modify so you can tint the glowy parts to whatever colour you want to match your aesthetic. Item includes desk and chair only. The accessories pack is separate.
Also available in grunge version!

LORE - Big Boss Desk grunge version - The Fantasy Collective.jpg

The accessories pack contains black, white, and grunge versions of all items in one pack. Everything is Copy/Modify so you can tint the glows to whatever you like.
Lamp – scripted on/off or choose just to have glow (no light thrown) - LI 1.

Monitor/Keyboard – each is separate so you can position them how you want, but can be linked for a total of 1 land impact. The monitor has an animated or static version. The animation is subtle and not a seizure-inducing sprint between frames!
Comm – The desk comm has buttons that beep for dialing. The big red button sounds an alarm!
Hover Plants – Two versions included: a small desk size at LI 1 and a larger free-floating size at LI 2. They bob up and down and spin slowly. The central glowpod can be tinted.

LORE - Big Boss Accessores - The Fantasy Collective.jpg