The Loft and Aria are at Collabor88 with the Dixie set. A cozy, welcoming set with a country chic feel. Whether in a farm house, or contemporary home, the Dixie will add that perfect touch of old world charm, with the classic roll back slipper chair, and a traditional faux wood fireplace. The mirror and side table add a touch of elegance with the filigree details. An enamel pitcher with flowers, candle sticks, marble heart decor, and assorted framed art complete the set.

Available with and without the pillow, the Dixie slipper chair offers a wide range of options including 6 different texture sets to chose from, from more contemporary solid colors, and geometric, to more traditional floral and toile patterns. The Dixie Slipper chair is available in both PG and Adult options, each loaded with single and couples animations that are Bento Ready.

The side table, and pitcher comes with a hand full of enamel colors, and the candle sticks have 3 metallic textures to chose from.

. The Set contains: Slipper Chair with or without Pillow in PG or Adult with 8 Unisex and 9 Male and Female Single Sits, 16 cuddles with sequence and and 26 added poses in the Adult Version with a sequence as well. The chairs come in at 3-4 Land Impact, depending on the version used.

Added Decor: Frames 4 Land Impact - Side table 5 Land Impact - Photo Frame 1 Land Impact - Marble Hearts 1 Land Impact - Flower Pitcher 6 Land Impact -  Branwyn Rug 6 Land Impact - Faux Fireplace 3 Land Impact - Candle Holders 2 Land Impact Each - Mirror 4 Land Impact. This set totals 52 land impact as displayed. Permissions are Modify & Copy.