Loft & Aria is at UBER with the Brewer Lounge.  An industrial lounge set flawlessly combining raw metals, natural woods and leather. The Brewery lounge has it all, perfect for an industrial chic home or a "man cave", complete with a low comfortable chair, factory cart coffee table, and painted concrete side table, as well as a wall bar, and stools, with assorted decor to complete your space. The details make this set stand out, from the metal hardware of the coffee table bar shelf, and pendant lights, to the leather straps on the chairs.

The Brewer lounge chair is available with and without the pillow and comes with 2 options for the frame: Gunmetal or Chrome,  3 textures for the leather: Tabak - Whiskey - Black and 10 pillow fabrics: Heart - Fade - Horizon - Music - Ride - Stripe- Beige - White - Black - Grey.  The Chair has 8 Unisex, 9 Male and 9 Female single sits, 16 cuddles as well as an added Adult option.

The stools come with Tabak - Whiskey - Black Leather options and have 8 unisex, 9 male and 9 female sits.

Other items include (some with texture change menu as indicated): Deco Gears 12 Land Impact total -  Pendant Light in Black, Brass or Grey 2 Land Impact each - Shelf in Walnut, Blackash, Cherry or Deep Cherry at 6 Land Impact - Single Succulent Red or Purple 1 Land Impact each - Succulents Bowl 5 Land Impact - Ashtray 2  Land Impact - Coffee Table with Walnut, Blackash, Cherry or Deep Cherry  Finish and Chrome or Gunmetal hardware at 5 Land Impact - Decorative Whiskey Glass 1 Land Impact - Potted Banana Plant 5 Land Impact - Side Table 1 Land Impact - Spider Plant 1 Land Impact - Rug in Grey, Black, Black& White and Black & Orange 4 Land Impact. Permissions are Modify & Copy.