Merak is in the new round of PocketGacha with the Beach Picnic Set. With summer knocking on our doors, this set is a must have! All the goodies you need for a long summer day on the beach. Drops of water condensing on your drink, Fresh sandwiches, sun, sand and love, all you need for Summerlove! Merak has once again paid a lot of attention to getting this set just right, with every detail worked out in both shape and textures. Up your Beachy Game with this cool set!

The set has the rare Picnic Towel for 5 Land Impact and commons include: Beach Lights 6 Land Impact - Sandwich Tray 3 Land Impact - Cheese Board 2 Land Impact - Towel Roll Stripes 1 Land Impact - Towel Roll Flamingo's 2 Land Impact - Picnic Basket 2 Land Impact. Permissions are Modify & Transfer.

POCKETGACHA is a HUD based system where you can play in the comfort of your own home or anywhere and their new round just started. Check the website for information on how to play and how to get a HUD.

More INFO on the POCKETGACHA Website