RJD has the Fairview Barn coming out to Illuminate. This Converted barn combines a modern shell with authentic walls and beams. Once forgotten and left to fall to ruins, now restored and brought into modern times in all it´s former glory, but with a contemporary feel. The use of strong and rustic materials do justice to it´s old charm, but the spacious rooms give way for modern uses. With a modern and bright red Top to Floor roof shell, Glass doors that are a modern interpretation of classic Barn Doors and Sleek windows that highlight authentic details, it's an inviting and charming space.

It has a wide center living space, two bedrooms and a separate space that can be used as a kitchen, or you can make the center the kitchen with a big table, and create a cozy living space behind the half wall. This converted barn brings you modern comfort combined with authentic country charm.

12042018 RJD Illuminate 001.jpg

The barn comes at a Footprint of ~ 24 x 16 , has a Land Impact of 35 and Permissions are Modify & Copy.

ILLUMINATE opens on the 18th which is when your landmark will work. Remember: Members of the Love to Decorate Inworld Group also have Early Access on the 17th from 2 - 6 pm SL time.