Dahlia has the Jocelyn Hallway Set coming to the next round of Illuminate. This elegant set merges modern design with bold colors and Vintage Metals, Making it a versatile and interesting set for your hallway or other smaller spaces. The ornamented mirror with metal flower details makes a great statement on walking in, added to that is some fantastic knick-knack items. The tray of Mossy balls alone has a wide variety of uses. You can purchase this as a whole set, or use pieces of it in various spaces of your home. With splendid details and a slight romantic twist without straying from the overall modern design, it's the perfect merge of styles as well.

It's also loaded with options to match your decor. The set has 3 color options on the Mirror and Console as well as 3 pairs of 3 Stools in various colors. The stools come separate and you can mix and match by buying a Fatpack. The set has the Mirror at 4 Land Impact - Console with Glass top 1 Land Impact - Mossy Balls 1 Land Impact - Keys Clutter 1 Land Impact - Decorative Stools 1 Land Impact each. Permissions are Modify & Copy.

ILLUMINATE opens on the 18th which is when your landmark will work. Remember: Members of the Love to Decorate Inworld Group also have Early Access on the 17th from 2 - 6 pm SL time.