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🐰 LIKE & WIN 🐰 24h EARLY ACCESS for you & a friend 🐰

The LAND OF RAINBOWS EASTER EGG HUNT  is coming soon and there'll be over 65 of Second Life's TOP Designers who will all team up and hide an egg - Eggtraordinary!

But Wait!!! Only 25 avatars at any given time? And Lag? Will I get in at all?? Why risk it? LIKE the LAND OF RAINBOWS Easter Egg Hunt  FACEBOOK PAGE  and SHARE their post! 10 lucky winners will win an Early Access pass. Please don't forget to leave your user ( not display) name to win.

But there's more! You get to bring 1 friend too! Hunting alone is no fun after all :)

The Designers:- ACORN- Adorably Strange Wares - also Known as – Apple Fall - Ascend – Bauhaus Movement – CES – Chez Moi - Consignment – COX Leather – Cubura 100 – Dahlia – DMG- DoggMata Poses - Drunk Panda - Duvet Day - [E]legance – etham – E.V.E – Fancy Decor – Fourth Wall – Funky Junk – GABRIEL – Gems of Topaz – Granola – Heels – Hextraordinary – IP Nails- IronCraft - Lilliput for tinies- Liquid – Little Branch – Kaerri – KAJU – Killer’s Shop – [Krescendo] – Loggin’ Off Homes – Meva – MINA - M&M STYLE – NOCHE – Paparazzi – peaches. - Posesion - Power Design – Quasi – Raindale – Refuge - RIOT – REGIMADE – RJD – Robbie Roo’s Whatchamgoos – Serenity Style – Steelhead Outfitters – Sources – Sophisticated – Stix - StoraxTree – Tachor’s Gestures – .TeaBunny.- The Artist Shed – The Looking Glass – Titans – T|L|C home Collection – TRIMMER BAY -Unkindness – ::WetCat::- Wicca’s Wardrobe


🐰Like the LAND OF RAINBOWS Egg Hunt Facebook page
🐰Share this post PUBLIC before March 15th
🐰Comment with your SL® user (not display) name so they can find you
🐰 Remember to TAG your friend so they can do the same! Double your chances
🐰 Winners will be announced on March 15th
🐰Early Access from March 22nd noon SLT - March 23rd noon SLT
🐰Instructions from staff must be followed, failure to do so will render your win invalid.
🐰 You will still need to search the eggs. 
🐰 When in the sim, you can be in Adult or Age Neutral avatars only. No (possible) underage looking avatars. If there's doubt, it's not ok. Any Age Neutral avatar, (including tinies!!), are allowed! 

We wish you the best of good fortune and here's that link again - LAND OF RAINBOWS Easter Egg Hunt FACEBOOK PAGE