Madpea is at Remnant with the Roadrage Gacha. Road Rage? Well, vintage Bumper cars instead. Why? Because Bumping is cool! Or so they say. Cool, is exactly what this set is. It's seen better days and yet. the rusted cars and busted arena seem like the perfect spot to blow off steam while bumping into your friends! It's a fully functional interactive set, as you can see in the video below:

The Gacha contains the Ultrarare Bumper Car Arena at a total Land Impact of 72 and the Rare Monster Mascot with a Land Impact of 16. Commons are: Bumper car in 6 different colors 12 Land Impact Each - Sim Traffic Sign 3 Land Impact - Portable Traffic Light 8 Land Impact - Ticket Booth 4 Land Impact - Queue Ramp 15 Land Impact - Caution Sign 2 Land Impact - Bench 2 Land Impact - Broken Bench 3 Land Impact - Traffic Cone 1 Land Impact - Flood Lights 8 Land Impact - Tire Pile 1 Land Impact  - Trash Can 2 Land Impact  - Loudspeaker 4 Land Impact - Road Rage Sign 3 Land Impact - Mounted Traffic Light 1 Land Impact - DO NOT Sign 2 Land Impact. Permissions are Modify & Transfer.