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Riot is at The Arcade March round with the Date Night Vanity Set. An amazing set of both Home and Garden and Fashion items to collect, together making that perfect moment of getting ready before an exciting date, reality. This vanity set is so complete, it will make you look and feel like a rising star in New York, getting ready for a big night on the town. It's done with amazing attention to detail and comes with a variety of clutter in the Gacha. The Vanity Desk, Mirror and Stool are the generous Player Reward. They come with a full texture hud allowing for a seemingly endless amount of customizing. Desk, Drawers, Stool, Mirror Base and Frame, all of them can be made to the color of your choice.

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The Gacha Contains a Rare dress and Shoes Fatpack, Rare Black Robe, Shaper and underwear and Rare Red underwear, as well as common robes, shapers and underwear. The Home and Garden items include: Foundation Clutter 3 Land Impact total - Nails Clutter 1 Land Impact - Nail Polish Clutter 1 Land Impact -  Eyeshadow Kit Clutter 1 Land Impact - Hair Curler Bag 2 Land Impact - Hair Brush 1 Land Impact - Makeup Brushes 1 Land Impact - Lipsticks Clutter 1 Land Impact - Eyelash Clutter 1 Land Impact - Beauty Blender Clutter 1 Land Impact. Permissions are Modify & Transfer. The Player Reward  Date Night Vanity - Desk has a Land Impact of 2, The mirror comes at 3 Land impact and the stool has 11 sits for 3 Land Impact. Permissions on these are Modify & Copy


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Be sure to add Riot to your shortlist of machine's to hit when you go Arcade Crazy! The arcade opens on March 1, we'll send out landmarks closer to the event opening.