Ariskea will be at the Arcade with the Versailles Gacha. An elegant and classic Marie-Antoinette style bedroom. Lot's of gold, ornaments and just overall very feminine and powerful. We can't wait for this set to hit the Market on March 1 when the Arcade opens!

The set has the Rare Antique bed with 22 Single and Couple animations for 16 Land Impact with Transfer permissions, the Rare antique mirror at 1 Land Impact and Modify & Transfer permissions. Commons include: Bed Seat with 14 Single poses at 1 Land Impact and Transfer Only Permissions - Les Demoizelles Portrait 1 Land Impact - Marie Antoinette Letter 1 Land Impact - Chandelier 7 Land Impact - Letters 1 Land Impact - Hat box & Pear 1 Land Impact - Side table 2 Land Impact - Candle 1 Land Impact - Fur Pouf 4 Land Impact - Red Roses Vase 2 Land Impact - Pink Roses Vase 2 Land Impact all with Modify & Transfer permissions.

The arcade opens March 1, we'll include a Landmark closer to the event.