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[ zerkalo ] is at Kustom9 with the Bunker Bar Gacha and matching Bunker Bar and Stool. You can buy just the bar and stool, or play the Gacha and get matching decor for your underground bar! Industrial, weathered and sturdy, this is a prepping bunker turned into a cool and funky bar. Zerkalo is one of the best in the industrial style and this amazing Gacha is no exception.

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The Gacha contains the Rare Bunker door with 8 animations at 4 Land Impact and Commons are: Lamp 11 Land Impact - Shelf with Glasses 3 Land Impact - Shelf with Bottles 5 Land Impact - Fire hose 6 Land Impact - Picture 1 Land Impact - Picture 2 for 2 Land Impact - Picture 3 at 2 Land Impact - Sleep Late Neon 1 Land Impact - Tequila Neon 2 Land Impact. Permissions are Modify & Transfer.

16022018 zerkalo kustom9 feb_001.jpg

Sold Separately are the Bar and Bar stool. The bar comes in adult or Decor only, the adult version has 10 poses. Land Impact is 15. The stool comes  in PG and Adult with 10 single - 3 cuddle -and 4 added poses in the adult version. Land Impact is 2. Permissions on these items are Modify & Copy.