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Article by Kahvy Smith - Photography by Tomais Ashdene

Hattie from Ex Machina was invited by the owners of the We love Role-Play event to create an entire new build for their event. Reason for us to look her up and talk about this stunning build.

Entering the event's main area for the first time makes for an intense experience

Entering the event's main area for the first time makes for an intense experience

Meeting up with Hattie Panacek from Ex Machina, we get invited to see the building first hand. Breathtaking doesn’t begin to describe the feeling when you first enter this wide, massive dome that makes up the all new event experience. 

Talking to Hattie, we learn she normally doesn’t do custom builds, she likes her creations to be enjoyed by many people, also, the challenges that come with building something exclusive for an event aren’t to be underestimated. But when she had the chance to do it for the We love Role-Play event, she couldn’t turn it down.  Hattie said: “I like stuff that is not necessarily everyday's life replicas. To me,  Second Life ® is more of a place where stuff that cannot happen in the real world,  can happen. It’s a place where i can make my visions "reality".“

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We Love Role-Play used to have a very fairy tale, fantasy structure and look, more tot he medieval side of role-play. but when they told Hattie they wanted to go Steampunk/industrial  her interest was piqued.

As Salt, one of the owners of the event says: “Hattie was our first choice after we decided that we would like to go into a steampunk direction with the new build. It was time for a bigger change and to me she is the queen of steampunk. I absolutely adore her work and we felt very honored when she said yes!”

We could not agree more. Hattie’s brand, Ex Machina, is well known for pulling Steampunk and Industrial into fantastic and use-able decor. With this build, she took on a greater challenge. There where many aspects of building this structure that took figuring out.

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It is a huge round dome, with 72 generously spaced booths for participants and 8 satellite stores around the center area. The whole structure without the considering the satellite structures around is 150 m in diameter. The symmetrical build was done in 8 identical segments.

The event owners, Salt, Voshie Paine and Alyriia Ametza wanted a symmetrical circular structure for easier navigation and shopping. Hattie then immediately saw the inspiration for the build.

The build is based of the architecture of the end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th, the industrial revolution and the use of materials such as steel, glass, copper, bricks, bronze and so on, Steampunk 101 as she calls it.

Pennsylvania Station - New York

Pennsylvania Station - New York

The first thing Hattie drew inspiration from was the old Pennsylvania Station in New York that unfortunately does not exist anymore. She also took  inspiration from expo pavilions of that age, the grand domes done in industrial materials. It's her favorite era and she just loves the use of industrial materials. The station specifically is a very interesting example of industrial/ public architecture of that age.


Hattie's inspiration is easy to see in this unique Build

Hattie's inspiration is easy to see in this unique Build

All textures are made by Hattie herself, resulting in a  breathtaking building that almost overwhelms you and gives you that feeling of a massive industrial structure. Eye-catching is the central flooring too, a combination of Metal and Marble that ties the whole structure together.

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It also benefits shoppers. Having a dome makes sense,  when you go to the event, you will find it is quite easy to navigate, either walking or with your camera, from booth to booth.  We Love Role-Play is a monthly shopping event catering mainly, but not solely, to role-players. You can expect to see items for role-play, fantasy, medieval, Sci-fi and of course some steampunk, which Hattie will hope will start to play a more prominent role.
She herself will not be in the coming round, but in the near future we can expect to see Ex Machina in the event.

Hattie was given some pointers, but otherwise a blank canvas, and turned it around to make an amazing build for an unique event. Facing many challenges along the way, the beautiful structure she created will be a fixture for many rounds of the event to come.

She would like to thank We love Role-Play fort his amazing opportunity. We would like to extend our thanks to her and the owners of the event for this interview and allowing us to explore this stunning new build.

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You can learn more about the event and take a peek of their shopping guide on their Website. Designers for the February Round include brands like JINX, Lore, Mushilu, Two Cats one Cup, Noctis and many more to come. Some booths where already ready or being prepared for what promises to be an exciting round of the event and the debut for this impressive build.
We truly recommend a visit once the Event opens. 



We Love Role-Play starts the 4th of every month and runs until the last day of the Month.

Some designers are already setting up, it promises to be an amazing round!

Some designers are already setting up, it promises to be an amazing round!

Also don’t forget a visit to Hattie’s Satellite store at the event for many great products from Ex Machina, or take a trip down to her main store to see what this amazing brand is all about. You will instantly understand why We Love Role-Play Management was so eager to work with her.

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TELEPORT TO WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY (after February 4th)


Special Thanks to: Hattie Panacek - Event Architect  & Salt - Event Co-Owner

®LTD, Kahvy Smith writer - Tomais Ashdene-photographer, February 2018