28012018 paparazzi cosmo jan 2nd round (2).jpg


Paparazzi is at Cosmopolitan with the Love Scene Backdrops. Can You feel the love tonight? We can... for Paparazzi's amazing talent. While there's many a backdrop and it's always a fun search to find just the right one for your picture, these Love Scenes with Neon Lights in a variety of colors are a sure winner for any Valentines set-up. From Romantic to Fashion Forward, they will create the perfect atmosphere without taking over the picture. 

28012018 paparazzi cosmo jan 2nd round (3).jpg

These Backdrops come with a handy Resizer menu that allows you to size the entire build, or just along side one axis. They are also Copy and Modify for your convenience.  Land Impact is 12 at Rezzed size. 

Set these up at the entrance of your party, add some poses and let your guests make their own pictures. Or just make your perfect LOVE shot. 

28012018 paparazzi cosmo jan 2nd round (1).jpg