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Kuro is at Blush today with the Regal Living Set. Anything Kuro makes is fit for a king when it comes to quality, but this wonderful set goes the extra mile, with elegant curved design, luxurious fabrics and upholstery, rich wood tones and to top it off, a exquisite, carved crown detail that gives this set a Royal allure. They have a Blush, Light or Dark version of the couch, which comes with 26 single sits, 8 cuddle animations and 16 added animations in the adult versions. Land Impact is 10 

28012018 kuro regal blush jan (3).jpg

Added on to the set they've released the Sybian center table with matching upholstery and a tongue-in-cheek feature on the adult version, something you'll just have to go and see for yourself! It comes animated with 5 single and 7 couple poses. Land Impact on the table is 3. 

28012018 kuro regal blush jan (4).jpg

Finishing of your set up is this regal lamp, that is high in detail and with a mix of royal and modern details will make for a classic yet contemporary addition to your decor.It comes in Pink, Mint or Black.  Land Impact on the lamp is 4. 

Permissions of the set are Modify & Copy.