26012018 granola bibi set  blush jan.jpg


Granola. will be at Blush with the Bibi's Vanity Set. A smile is the best make-up a girl can wear, Marylin Monroe once said. That might be true, but a little added glamour never hurts! Add that dash of glamour with Granola.'s exciting new set for Blush! From the lush rug and comfortable stool to the lighted mirror and makeup tray, it has everything you need to get ready in style. 

Done with Granola's amazing eye for detail, as well as beautiful metal options. The Silver and Gold is really well textured and looks very real and elegant.  Every item also comes in Silver or (pale) Gold options. There's may color options on each piece and texture options on the stools. 

26012018 granola color hud blush jan.jpg

There's two versions of the Stool ( high and low) each with 4 different textures. we've shown an impression of the HUD above. It comes in PG or Adult and has 6 single sits in the PG plus 3 cuddles and 3 adult poses in the Adult version. 

The Vanity comes in Black and White, with either Silver or Gold metal. It has a Land Impact of 3. The Mirror comes in Black and White with a Land Impact of 3. The perfume bottles come in Silver or Gold with 2 Land Impact each and two bottles per set.  The  fluffy rug comes in Mint - White - Pink or Black with 2 Land Impact. The vase comes with a Yellow or Pink Flower, Gold or Silver Metal and Sky - Mint - Pink - Peach - White or Black color options.  The Tray and Make-up brushes come in 3 Land Impact each, Silver and Gold metal and also in Sky - Mint - Pink - Peach - White or Black color options. 

Permissions on this very complete set are Modify & Copy. 

We're including a Landmark but be aware it will not work until the event opens on the 28th of January.