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Cheeky Pea is releasing the Botanisk Garden and Skybox set at Uber today. This wonderful modern set can however be used on the ground and in the sky alike. It has the Botanisk Skybox at 12 Land Impact, that includes the Rear Garden in the back, an enclosed, modern and clean designed garden, fenced in with beautiful brick Walls, stepping stones, a sculpted lawn, a concrete patio and accessories done in light garden wood. Enjoy private and urban living in this next generation sky build, or use this for extra privacy on your ground level parcel. The Garden wall includes a working door. Enjoy the patio sun, or hide away in the back of the garden in the matching Garden Snug, a romantic little half open shed
with luxurious outdoor seating and string lights. 

For your patio, they have matching garden furniture that includes the Botanisk Sofa and Chair In PG or Adult. The sofa comes with 10 single sits and 17 cuddle poses and has a Land Impact of 5. The chair has 23 single and 4 cuddle poses and comes in at  3 Land Impact.
Both are also available in an Adult Version. 

The Garden Snug includes seating for 4 avatars and comes with 11 single and 22 cuddle poses. coming in at 26 Land Impact. This also has an Adult version available. 

The set contains the before mentioned Skybox, Rear Garden, Snug, Sofa and Chair, and also: Plant Add-on 12 Land Imapct - Patio Table 1 Land Impact - Bookpile 1 Land Impact - Succulent Planter  1 Land Impact - Tulip Teacup Vase  4 Land Impact -  Floor Lamp 3  Land Impact -  Trellis 11 Land Impact - Branches 1 Land Impact - Hanging Light 3 Land Impact- Wall Sconce  3 Land Impact. All items are available to purchase separate or as a set, including the Rear Garden for use with your own skybox. 

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