25012018 aria uber 002.jpg


For the current round of Uber, ARIA is debuting the sawyer living set. 

Sleek minimal style meets a casual comfort in this chic and modern set. The sectional creates a comfortable understated look, with clean minimal lines and a low profile perfect to fit in any trendy contemporary home. Paired with a smoked glass top coffee table with delicate metallic frame and a stylish geometric chandelier.

The Sawyer sectional includes upholstery and fabric options: Navy - Rose - Grey and Black plus metallic options for the frame: Brass - Silver - Black. Each Pillow can al;so be textured separately. It has 7 Single female, 6 single male and 6 unisex single poses, 5 friends poses and 24 couple poses with 4 sequences. It's also available in an Adult Version.

25012018 aria uber 001.jpg

The pouf has 9 Single Sits and comes in Rose Gold, Black, Silver or Brass Upholstery.

The coffee table and chandelier metallic parts come in Brass - Silver -Black, The Rug comes in Grey - Black and Rose, the Vase comes in Light or Dark with a Pink, White, Violet or Yellow Flower and the Wall Art comes in 3 different Prints. Shadows can be turned off using the menu. 

Land Impacts on the set are: Sectional Sofa 8 Land Impact - Coffee Table 3 Land Impact -  Rug 5 Land Impact - Rubber Plant 5 Land Impact - Pouf 4 Land Impact -  Print 3 Land Impact -  Chandelier 6 Land Impact -Decorative Tea Cup 2 Land Impact - Vase 1 Land Impact. Permissions are Modify & Copy.