24012018 llorisen uber.jpg


Llorisen is bringing the Keating Skybox to the current round of Uber. A stunning build that brings us right into that first studio appartment in the city after getting your first job. Stunning Wood floors, Half Rounded windows and brick walls with beam details that make this warm and stunning build. 

24012018 llorisen uber  (1).jpg

It's pictured here with the amazing Catia Kitchen from Consignment that is a perfect fit for this build. The open kitchen space is big plus to this build, it will be very easy to fit your kitchen in here. The spotlights are included and can be turned on and off, or not used. The picture also shows the amazing hardwood flooring and the podium that will make the perfect cuddlespot in front of the window. 

24012018 llorisen uber  (3).jpg

The many details on this monumental looking build are really worth checking out. They've chosen many honest, robust materials, such as wood, concrete and brick. Textures are Materials enhanced and finish off the look of this build flawlessly. 

24012018 llorisen uber  (2).jpg

There's two separate (bed)rooms if you need more privacy in the back of the skybox, one with a window into the living space. It comes in at a total Land Impact of 43 on a 13,5 x 18.5 footprint. Permissions are Modify & Copy. 

We've included a landmark but be aware it will not work until Uber opens tomorrow.