25012018 Consignment UBER.jpg


Consignment is back at Uber with the Snuggling Stargazers set. An adorable set up for you and al lover to watch the stars, watch a movie, and enjoy intimate moments together. Relax in the soft and lush blanket and pillows, while watching shooting stars. You could make a wish or two while you're at it. 

The texturing of this item is truly stunning. The fabrics and pattern have that luxury feel to it of a thick outdoor blanket. Custom made and perfect from seam to seam. The blanket comes with 8 Color options: White - Purple - Blue - Green - Grey - Red - Brown - Black.

It comes in PG or adult and is loaded with poses. It has 5 single sits, 5 couple movie sits that rez a cute bucket of popcorn ( can we just say we can almost smell the butter on it!) - 4 Cuddles and 8 added poses in the adult version. 

The added string lights and beautifully detailed telescope finish off this fantastic set. 

The entire set contains: Snuggling Stargazers - Blanket PG or Adult for 3 Land Impact - String Lights for 8 Land Impact - Cage Lights  6 Land Impact - Telescope - Silver 3 Land Impact. 

We've included a Landmark, Uber opens later today