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DYSFUNCTIONALITY has some exciting changes coming up at the Mainstore.  Read all about these and also what products you can buy here!

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It's a joy to visit this store. Owner, Anke Hatchuk, has set it out just as though you're walking through an enchanted garden. It's filled with Dysfunctionality landscaping products - animated trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and focal pieces for your garden. Lots of these have optional sparkles and twinkles that give life to the products - blossom drops from trees, butterflies float around and it looks as though a myraid of fireflies are gracing the landscape. You can also purchase special effects such as Creeping Fog, Dewdrop Cobwebs and Haze Clouds for various seasons - products that will enhance your decorating scenes.  

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In addition to the above, Dysfuctionality sells furniture and household décor - kitchens, dining rooms, lounges and unusual sets such as all the décor for a fabric shop. These tend to be in the popular rustic style and quite a few would make wonderful roleplay furniture - for instance, there's a set devoted to treasure chests and sacks of gold coins. 

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So what about the changes?  For several years Anke has refined the store selection, adjusted prices where needed and tried to maintain a manageable layout on this small homestead store.  Dysfunctionality also exists on Marketplace so as to make the shopping experience easier.  This year, the plan is to roll out all new low Land Impact vendors, new packing and display booth design, advert overhaul for old products and mass retirement for old products.  Of course, Anke is planning to release lots of new things for sale, too.  She does hope to have out more large furniture pieces this year, as well as the Adult versions of several items plus expanded and better furniture textures.  

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The new store vendors will have a perk.  Each is configured to have 2 buttons, one for regular buyers and one for group members of Dysfunctionality.  The group members will receive a baseline 5% off their purchases, so don't forget to wear your tag!  This rollout will be slow and ongoing but already there's a few of the top selling items set up in these. 

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What's next?  Dysfunctionality hopes to have some awesome new group gifts but expect to see both a Free Join Day and, potentially, a raise to the entry fee from the current L$95. They will also have some amazing guest designers this year.



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