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StoraxTree is bringing all kinds of decor to SWANK that will make up the Perfect Ski Lodge set up! If you have a rustic cabin in the snow or mountains, and want to create that feeling of a cozy place to go hang out after a fun day of winter sports, They have a selection of items that will be perfect for that! 


First, they have the Downhill Shelves, a Wall Shelve made out of recycled ski's with winter sport specific decor on it. Land Impact on this is 5. 

To lounge on after a long day, they have the Downhill Sweater Bench with 12 sitting animations. Land impact on the Bench is 10 and it comes with texture change Sweaters in the drawer that have 22 different texture options. 

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The Set also includes a Fireplace with a cute Cat resting in front of it for 11 Land Impact - Down Hill Crate Shelves at 4 Land Impact each - Down Hill Floor Coat Rack at 5 Land Impact - Downhill Shelves 2 at 9 Land Impact - Downhill Ski's and Pole decor at 3 Land Impact - Downhill Wall Coat rack with 6 Land Impact. 

Storax Tree - ski lodge - swank  (4).jpg


Each item can be purchased separate. Permissions are Copy only and each item comes with a resizer.