Article by Liat Reina - Design by Jack Hanby - Photography by Jordan Giant

At its core, bohemian decorating is about telling a story and creating a comfortable space in  which to let the spirit free so that it can simply be.


It became wildly popular in the sixties during the age of peace and love and bright colors for this reason and due to the economy which the look can be achieved. This isn't a style that can be achieved by purchasing a matched living room set or a fully coordinated bed and dresser. Instead the core pieces in any boho space should be unique, a blend of the old and the new but always inviting one to settle back and take a deep breath.


Items with a vintage look and feel pair beautifully with a simple wooden end table especially if they hold some sentimentality for you or carry reminders of special times.Color is one of the most important aspects when creating a bohemian décor. There really isn't any palette which is off limits or a combination to be avoided. To keep from overwhelming a space, it is typically best to begin with a base of neutral colors; though white isn't often the best choice. From there the sky's the limit! Pastels and neon colors aren't really the best options but a brilliant pop of crimson coupled with a burning umbra and a verdant green along with accents of azure blue can all be powerful and pleasingly combined in one single room. The only limit is your own imagination and personal preference.


One more way to keep this explosion of color from becoming pure chaos is to find one or two colors which will repeat throughout your design and tie in the rest, either in compliment or contrast...

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