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Zerkalo is re-releasing their amazing Billiard and Billiard Gacha at Shiny Shabby, and GLITCH has the perfect pose set to use with this out at Ultra. 

A combined post for two amazing designers. We've posted before about the amazing Billiard and Billiard Gacha from Zerkalo. They've re-released both items at Shiny Shabby so if you didn't get a chance to catch them before,
now is the time to hurry to Shiny Shabby and get your hands on these! 

First they have the beautiful Industrial Billiard in PG or Adult. It's textured in an amazing vintage look with gears and worn metal, with the red sheet being slightly worn. This billiard will go nice anywhere, but will look exceptional in any pub or loft setting. It contains 13 single sits - 10 cuddles and 10 added poses in the adult version.
Land Impact is 15 and Permissions are Modify & Copy. 

Matching to the Billiard is the Billiards Z Gacha. Everything you need to create your pool room! Done with an exceptional eye for detail and texturing, with a ton of options to make this poolroom special!

17122017 Zerkalo Kustom 9.jpg

The Gacha contains the Rare Cue Rack at 11 Land Impact and Commons include: Stool 2 Land Impact and 8 Single Sits - Wall Bar 3 Land Impact - Hanging Lamp 3 Land Impact - Gear Lamp 2 Land Impact - Chain Lamp 1 Land Impact - Dice Candle 1 Land Impact - Balls Set 1 Land Impact - Cue 1 Land Impact - Cards Frame 1 Land Impact -  Billiard Frame 1 Land Impact - Ashtray 1 Land Impact - Billiard Ball Candle 1 Land Impact. Permissions are Modify & Transfer. 

Glitch Ultra Zerkalo billiar 001.jpg

Out at ULTRA is GLITCH with poses made especially for this Billiard! The set includes a wearable Cue, Ball and Poses. Billiard isn't included, you have to purchase that separately. The poses are Bento enabled, making them look incredibly lifelike. They have a set of 5 single poses, and two separate couple/duo poses out. 

Glitch Ultra Zerkalo billiard 002.jpg