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[KRESCENDO] is at the Epiphany with the Cornish Cottage! Grab your bucket and spade, Krescendo is off to Cornwall for this round of The Epiphany! They wanted to give you a taste of one of the most beautiful counties in Britain with their newest set and filled it full of some local delights, from willow woven lobster pots to Stargazy Pie. 

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This wonderful cottage is truly giving you all the romance from the British Countryside. Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make us smile the most! 

The set has the Rare Cottage at 69 Land Impact and Rare AGA Stove at 4 Land Impact. Commons are:

Woven Lobster pots 3 Land Impact -  Map Wall Decor 1 Land Impact -Kitchen Display Green or Blue 4 Land Impact  - Table in Green or blue 2 Land Impact - Two types of chairs in Green or Blue 2 Land Impact Each - Prints with Candle 1 Land Impact - Plate Set 2 Land Impact - Milk Urn 1 Land Impact - Stargazy Pie 1 Land Impact  -Pasties 2 Land Impact

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For their exclusive, they have a recolor of the Rare Aga, only available for this round of the Epiphany.