Article by Kahvy Smith - Photography by Editorial Clarity

Little Branch called on Minnie Atlass, Landscaper and sim designer to create something magical and we’d love to take you on a tour.

Little Branch is one of the most exciting Landscaping brands and their new store is just that, exciting! Right when you land, you notice the beauty of their sim. Park your car in the parking lot and take in your surroundings. You will notice the two industrial buildings that have all the items for sale, so yes, you can hop in, shop, and hop out. But we will get to that part later.

Group gifts and Social Media kiosk can be found on the parking lot as well, so be sure to grab those while you’re there. We’ve added the links at the bottom of this article for you.

To fully appreciate the store and their products, we advise you to go into their show area first. Little Branch is a master of detail and realism, and seeing their products as part of a landscape really is the best way to shop, get inspired and get just the right items for the look you’re after.

So make your way onto the bridge, and stop! Yes, that’s right, stop, and take in your surroundings. The river that flows into the sim is showcasing many beautiful products such as the four season waterlilies. Dahlia Flower Fields. Canadian Red Maples or the wonderful snake weed that adorns the shores. Anyone that’s done landscaping knows how hard it can be to find good shrubberies, these will be an absolute favorite! The wonderful waterfowl from |T|L|C Home Collection finishes off the River side of the sim. But let’s not dawdle too long, we’re here to take a tour with you!

Making our way up the path, you can see how versatile the flowers and snake weeds are. The weather at the sim is very nice, so they move gently in the breeze. The subtle wind movements on their products is one of the best features of Little Branch, so be sure to take some time to stop and look at it in action.

After a short stroll, you will reach a nice picnic area with an old stone garden shack. It looks like the perfect spot to get inspired for your next landscaping project. The wild river runs below, as the trees sway gently in the wind. Have a sandwich and take in your surroundings! Especially note the beautiful big Red Bradford trees and the lifelike Little Branch Grass.

Further, up, you come across a landscaped area around some buildings, showing how their products work with various designs. You can even look out over the ocean. Careful though, those gates look like they’ve been there a long time! Bend pines and Honey Trees finish off the look.

We’ve stolen an apple as we continue on our way exploring.  A huge stone bridge takes us across to the top of the mountain. We lay down in the grass, leaning against a huge boulder as we take in our surroundings again. Conifers and Cedar Trees show us a path down to the waters front, where Little Branch has their gorgeous Cattails on display. There’s a tent to rest in, if you’re tired. Such a lovely secluded spot.

Going the other way, we come across a railroad station that has seen better days. It’s still a beautiful spot where you can make great photographs or just another spot to sit down and enjoy the natural beauty around you. It’s very easy to forget you’re in Second Life, everything looks real! The Kingko trees fit this scene perfectly.

After exploring the old station, we make our way back to the bridge and take the path that winds down the hill.

Pushed up against the steep rocky cliffs is an old garage and boathouse. It looks like someone enjoys a little tinkering here. Since we’re not very talented grease monkeys, we just make our way down to the waterside. Weeping willows, Kingko trees and Mystic Oaks stand proudly  next to the river. You can grab a boat here and row your way down the waterway to explore more parts of the sim.

Because yes, there’s more to explore yet, the other side of the sim also has a winding path going up the hill where ruins and an old graveyard stand tall land high, surrounded by a forest of various Little Branch Trees. This is the perfect spot to see all the different foliage options at work too.

Make sure you’re not skipping out on their private beach. The sand stretches out against high cliffs, soft waves roll in and the Beach Palms and Fluffy Grass complete the look. It’s such a nice surprise coming down the hill and finding this hidden gem. It’s even worth walking down a million steps for!

The sim is truly remarkable and will keep you engaged for quite some time. Headliners are definitely the wonderful items from Little Branch. Together with the wildlife from T|L|C Home Collection, the buildings and riverside decor, it makes for a stunning sim to explore in, but also see their products at their very best.

We highly recommend taking some time to fully explore this beautiful land.

Once you’re confident you’ve seen it all, make your way back to the landing area to shop! The big industrial buildings with massive glass windows almost feel like an exclusive garden center, and it’s great to stroll past all their products for sale. Here, you can also find their current event releases right next to the entrance. It makes for an easy and convenient shopping experience.

Before leaving, be sure to grab the before mentioned group gifts, their group is free to join!

Little Branch Group: secondlife:///app/group/e6520a3a-8eb5-5355-0266-09c419948b10/about

Also check out their Social Media: