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[SAU] MOTORCYCLES has released the Thunder[Lite] gacha at the new round of ULTRA.

[SAU] make highly detailed but low prim motorcycles that have many riding features including a passenger script. Why not try your luck on this new gacha for a chance to win one of the Thunder[Lite] motorcycles and other décor pieces.

Here's the gacha items:-

[sau]HAYA II[infected]: 16 LI, Full version.  Comes with multiple themes, rendered colors, number plates, more animations (parking animations etc).
Transferable as exchange card. Copyable after exchanged.

[sau]Thunder[lite]: 12 LI, 1 fixed theme each with basic animations, 5 versions in total.
Transferable as exchange card. Copyable after exchanged.

The motorcycles are resizeable by script.  You can adjust animation positions to fit your avatar (including child avatar and tiny avatar).

Underground lift kit: 2+1 LI, non-scripted.
Transferable as exchange card. Modifiable/Copyable after exchanged.

Tool chest: red/flame, No Mod, No Copy
Tool cart: red/flame, No Mod, No Copy
Tool wagon: red/flame, No Mod, No Copy
Wheel Art: No Mod, No Copy

A note of caution - the motorcycles and the lift kit are presented as a small Exchange Card - not the actual item.  Now you can keep this card for later, sell it or give it to a friend as it has Permissions of Transfer Only.  ** Don't open the actual card as it will destroy the scripting **

Take your card along to the [SAU] mainstore and rez it in the rez square on the ground provided - it's well marked - right at the front of the store, you can't miss it.  In return you'll then receive your motorcycle or lift kit as a Copy version and that'll be the one you can use from your Inventory. If done correctly, the Exchange Card will then disappear. 

It's L$150 per Play so be careful with your Exchange Card.

sau motorcycles - thunderlite gacha prize - UTLRA.jpg

We had a go and won the [sau]Thunder[lite] Cosmos version which you can see in the picture.