13012018 drd shadowbox.jpg


DRD has the January Shadow Box out. 

This shadowbox contains a Kitchen set! Either go for the Light Version and decorate a beautiful country kitchen, or go for Dark and have the same kitchen only with a little less glory. It's a great way to go from Dark to Light as well and make interesting pictures. 

But no matter if you like the Dark or Light version, the high quality mesh and textures will surely please you and make for a beautiful set-up in your home. 

Permissions on this set are Modify & Copy. 

The DRD Shadow Box is a monthly subscription box that combines the mystery of getting something new and unknown once a month, with a bonus reward for purchasing a full series. 

Every Shadow Box contains twelve items created by Death Row Designs, the items are either Light or Dark and aren't just a re-texture, the Dark version is always an unique Mesh. Every series is 6 months, or 6 Shadow Boxes. At the end of a series the bonus reward becomes available to anyone who has received or purchased every box in the series.

You can learn more on their website: https://www.deathrowdesigns.net/shadowboxpage/

Subscriptions for the FINAL Box in Series01 are now open!

The BONUS houses will also be available February 1st for anyone with a full HUD so don't wait too long if you want to purchase the entire series.