Written & Photographed by Mozart Loordes

ULTRA Event will run monthly from the January 2018 edition onwards. Previously bi-monthly, we wondered why the change and went over to the Event room to interview owner and manager, Roman Godde.

ULTRA is placed on the Men Only Monthly sim and one advantage of that is the boyfriends who accompany their girlfriends can easily cam shop! The Event room is thoughtfully set out, there's plenty of room to move around. The Sponsor vendors and Associates are at the front and they are the first thing you see when you walk into the room. Further down in the rear portion of the room, the Fashion vendors are set in a square around 2 rows of Home & Garden vendors. Also, a Demo area is provided for the large houses, easily reached via teleport boards.

I asked Roman why the change to a monthly Event. He said, "We had a ton of requests from designers and customers. We planned on keeping ULTRA every other month, but I wanted to give back to the community. People spend all day on here, give them what they want. So I adjusted my real life schedule, brought in my sister Blur Mannequin, who is like my right hand and with the help of my mom and my girlfriend to fix what I can't make straight, we finally put it together."


ULTRA has an excellent mixture of established designers plus up and coming new designers - there's no elitism here. I asked Roman about his ethos on acceptance of designers. He said, "ULTRA allows its customer access to more than just the designated top designers. We offer exclusivity, quality and cost efficency without cutting up and coming designers from being able to market their items. Most events I feel are the same circle of designers. Here at ULTRA , we grow with our customers and designers, I mean really look at this joint! I will always accommodate more designers if I need to. I look at new creators like a stock market, they are a long term reward rather than a short term gain."

Roman takes the advice of his wife, Sami, in addition to other family input when considering the variety of designers, and he has come to the conclusion that ladies dress their men as far as what they wear in public. There will be something for everyone at this Event. All different walks of life will be considered, and even if it's just a small market, it will be there. Roman says it's all about accomodating and if the designers weren't there we'd all be standing on sandboxes staring at each other anyway! If the designers want to use vendors that can gift as well as sell direct (and these are scripted) he'll make it happen. He says he doesn't want strict rules as we all came here initially to have fun and when we lose sight of that, we lose our drive.

Cammino e Vivo Capovolto had already set up at one of the Home & Garden vendor slots, a talented artist who makes expressive statues, this was a great find. Other Home & Garden designers at the January round will include Bee Designs, Isuka, Chez Moi Furnitures, Dictatorshop, TLC Home Collection, Merak, Galland Homes, FAYDED, [sau] Motorcycles, [ k o s m ii ], also Known as, elev8, Gerzzo, BackBone and Mesh India.

We expect you're looking forward to the new round now, which will be opening on January 15th. In the meanwhile, why not check out the ULTRA FaceBook page.

TELEPORT TO ULTRA EVENT (from January 15th)


®LTD, Moz Loordes writer/photographer, January 2018