ARIA Modern Furniture and Lights has the Kingsley Vignette in this round of Decocratesl.

We've already shown you a preview to this amazing item earlier.
The Kingsley vignette is a modern yet vintage inspired arm chair, with metallic capped legs, and a ruffled pillow. Paired with a glass side table and cocktail glasses, this set is perfect for ringing in the new year, enjoy a cocktail with friends or just unwind after a long day.

The texture is rich and detailed which makes this luxury chair a true versatile favorite in any decor.

The chair comes with 3 color options for both the upholstery and satin pillow: Sangria - Silver and Black. You can texture them separately to mix and match.

The Kingsley arm chair comes loaded with 6 unisex, 6 male and 6 female poses, as well as 5 prop and 3 drink poses with auto-attach functionality.

The set contains of the Chair with a Land Impact of 3 - Decorative Cocktails at 3 Land Impact and glass side table at 1 Land Impact. Permissions are Modify & Copy.

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