We have one goal - to promote the work of amazing artists in Second Life to our readers.

For over 4 years we have been doing this on a daily basis and it never gets old. We started our journey in 2014 with the launch of and magazine. We arrived at a time when the majority of the Second Life world focused on Fashion. Home & Garden was left in the background and we wanted to change that.

Over the years we have gained a very loyal readership. Whether you flick through the pages of the magazine or scroll the posts on the website, we are always providing ideas and inspiration to you, as well as using our platform to promote brands both old and new.

The year is 2018, our 4th anniversary and we are super excited to be launching our brand new website. The hub of LTD and our outlet to showcase the best in Home & Garden to the world.

We are ready for the next 4 years. We hope you join us.

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